Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Publish a Application Integration process and control the response using SoapUI.

Create a process using an output variable and assign your name and publish the process.
Use the SoapUI URL in property details and create a project in SoapUI with the help of URL and test the process.

Click on given URL - -https://dm-us.informaticacloud.com/identity-service/home
Able to see like below screen
Login with your credentials. After login we can see this page

Able to see below screen shot
Change the process name according to naming convention.

After changing the naming conventions then click on Start which is mention as step2 in above screen shot. 

After click on allow anonymous access check box then click on input Fields.

Note: Allow anonymous access which is used to create SoapUI Services URL (or) Services URL after save and publish the process.

Click on + symbol which is able to see right side. + symbol is used to create to number of input fields for this sample process I am using two input fields and concat into one output field
 Step1: + symbol which is used to create number of output fields.

Step2: Created one output variable as full name
Step3: Drag and drop assignment step to the flow.

After drag and drop assignment step into the flow below is the screen shot.

 Step1: Click on Add Field and select output field which is created in start.

Step2: Select Formula
Step3: In this step concat to input fields as a formula.

Below is the screen shot for the step3.

Click on each step one by one

After step4 we are able to see the property details in this property details copy  the SOAP Services URL.

After copying the Soap services URL open SoapUI Application.

SoapUI application is open.
Click on file and select New SoapUI project. paste the Soap services URL in Initial WSDL box with extension of ?wsdl and the click OK.

New Soap project is created

Result: The process is successfully run from SoapUI application. 

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